Transplant Season 2 | Everything you need to know

The new show follows the story of an emergency doctor who flees his home in Syria to move to Canada, where he has to overcome many obstacles to continue his profession in emergency medicine. The transplant was created with the help of the Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund. Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund. NBCUniversal manages the distribution rights.

Transplant can be described as an ambitious undertaking that will captivate the audience. It puts us at the very nerve center, which is an emergency. It also features a team of emergency physicians who reflect our diversity and our future as a community, stated Jocelyn Deschenes, president and the founder of Sphere Media Plus.

The show was developed as a script written and directed by Joseph Kay (THIS LIFE, FRONTIER) and serves as writer and producer. Executive producers Jocelyn Deschenes, Bruno Dube, Virginia Rankin, Jeremy Spry and Tara Woodbury of Sphere Media Plus.

What is Transplant

“Transplant” is the modern world of intrigue, which rekindles the genre by introducing the story of a Syrian doctor who leaves his country during the time of war. It begins an entirely new life in Canada while caring for his sister. The story centers around a medical student in Syria who decides to pursue a career after being transferred from Syria to the States in the refugee camp.

The show stars Hamza Haq in the lead as Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed, Sirena Gulamgaus as Amira, Laurence Leboeuf as Jim Watson, John Hannah as Ayisha Issa, Leboeuf played directed by Leboeuf as Dr. Magalie Leblanc, Hannah as Dr. Jed Bishop, Ayisha Issa as Dr. June Curtis, Jim Watson as Dr. Theo Hunter, Sujith Varughese as Dr. Ajay Singh with Grace Lynn Kung as Vivian Barnes and Torri Higginson as Claire Malone.

A brand new Canadian set and production series that features an aspiring young Syrian doctor who is also a refugee from war. Not able to get his diplomas from university and certificates, the doctor cannot be employed as a doctor. To make ends meet, the doctor works in the restaurant. However, the law is in his favor. He’ll find a way to demonstrate his value through evidence and will start building his new life along with his daughter.

Where was Transplant Season 2 filmed

Transplant Season 2 was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The stars portray the role of doctors at the well-known hospital known as “York Memorial Hospital”, in which Bash has been a resident physician. His personal experience with trauma is what makes him stand out.

When does Transplant Season 2 come out

Transplant is an upcoming Canadian drama streaming television series created by Joseph Kay. Season 2 is Coming on March 6.

Where to watch Transplant Season 2

Transplant Season 2 streaming on NBC | CTV. However, he is not without difficulties. Bash is from Canada; Bash has lost everything and could not find the documents needed to allow him to go back to work as a physician.

How many episodes of Transplant Season 2

The first season of the series will have 13 one-hour episodes, You will also see 13 episodes in the second season of Transplant.

Transplant Season 2 cast: Who is playing who

Laurence Leboeuf As Magalie Leblanc, Hamza Haq As Bashir Hamed, Ayisha Issa As June Curtis, Jim Watson As Theo Hunter, Kenny Wong As Arnold De Luca, Torri Higginson As Claire Malone, John Hannah As Jed Bishop, Sugith Varughese As Dr. Aajay Singh, Linda E. Smith As Wendy Atwater, Sirena Gulamgaus As Amira Hamed, Mariah Inger As Rhoda DaSilva.

The main character of Transplant will be Hamza Haq, also present in the cast of Jett – the profession of a thief. The show’s characters were created by Joseph Kay and John Hannah (Spartacus), who is the main hospital’s chief, Laurence Leboeuf, Ayisha Issa, Jim Watson, and the tiny Siren Gulamgaus, who takes on the character of the minor sister of the main character.

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