The Weekend Away (2022) Release Date Cast, Plot, Trailer & Latest News

“The Weekend Away.” The film will be a movie adaptation of Sarah Alderson’s bestseller novel. On Wednesday (2) in order to heighten the public’s anxiety the streaming platform published the first photos of the actress appearing in the lengthy. The Weekend Away cast: Leighton Meester, Luke Norris, Christina Wolfe. While little information on the character has been made public until now, from these photos, it is possible to glimpse a glimpse of what the story will bring.

In the film, we’ll witness a women’s weekend in Croatia get a surprising twist when one woman is accused of killing her friend with who she was best friends and uncovers an unsettling secret as she tries to uncover the truth. Netflix recently announced that it will be launching the creation of another original movie. The film was an action-packed psychological thriller that was inspired by the best-selling novel “The Weekend Away”. The writer of the novel, Sarah Alderson, will be in charge of the script.

The Weekend Away will be the adaptation to the film of the novel written by Sarah Alderson. A psychological thriller is about an unlucky trip to Croatia and the protagonist is accused of killing the loved ones of her family. While a woman fights for justice and truth as she uncovers a dark and disturbing truth.

What is The Weekend Away

“The Weekend Away” is written by Sarah Alderson and directed by Kim Farrant. In an announcement to the press, the writer said she is eager to show the world the results of this film. “I’m super excited to discover that ‘The Weekend Away’ is appearing on screens” she added. The fact that I’ve adapted my novel makes it more unique and I’m happy to see that Leighton will bring the character to life .” she said.

Meester returns with a brand-new film, The Weekend Away on Netflix and it’s not for the fainthearted. It is inspired by the novel of the same title from Sarah Alderson. Leighton Meester, Luke Norris, Christina Wolfe are the main cast of The Weekend Away (2022). The Weekend Away is about two women who are enjoying the best holiday of their life when everything goes wrong. One is discovered dead in the ocean after a night of fun.

The Weekend Away Release Date

The Weekend Away is set to land on Netflix on 3rd March 2022. In the story in the story, a woman called Beth (Leighton) faces charges of murdering her best acquaintance, Kate (Christina Wolfe) while on a trip in Croatia.

The Weekend Away Budget & Box office

Although the budget of $26 million of The Weekend Away is bamboozling for most It shouldn’t be completely unexpected from an artistic standpoint.

The Weekend Away Cast

Leighton Meester As Beth, Luke Norris, Christina Wolfe As Kate, Ziad Bakri As Zain, Amar Bukvic As Pavic. In an effort to rid herself of the guilt, Beth retraces her steps to uncover painful truths which threaten to end their friendship for a lifetime as well as reveal more information than she would ever imagine knowing.

The audience will probably be familiar with Meester from her character of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Meester is also famous for her role as Angie D’Amato in Single Parents and Meredith in How I Met Your Father. British actor Wolfe is well-known for her roles as Julia Pennyworth in Batwoman and Kathryn Davis in The Royals.

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