The Chelsea Detective Season 1 | Everything you need to know

Producer and Emmy award-winner Peter Fincham star in a thrilling police thriller that stars Adrian Scarborough (Killing Eve) as Detective Inspector who solves numerous cases in Chelsea. While trying to get back the love of his ex-wife and go back to their lives together in “The Chelsea Detective.”

His primary focus is on an investigator in a prestigious area within London living on a boat, and his manner of conduct is in sharp contrast to the way he works within their private lives. The woman aspires to make it possible to go back to her ex-wife.

Chelsea is a stunning London zone for gorgeous and successful individuals. But, it comes with a drawback, one that involves the use of deceit and greed, violence or even violence. There are many facets to the story that isn’t what first appears. Detective Max Arnold and his colleague Sergeant Priya Shamsi are determined to discover the truth and make sure that those responsible are held accountable regardless of rank in society or their influence.

What is The Chelsea Detective

The Chelsea Detective follows Detective Inspector Max Arnold, who lives on boat storage on the Thames in Chelsea after detachment from his significant other, Astrid’s craft vendor, and is only a couple of yards from the most costly land properties in Europe. The beautiful city is full of gorgeous individuals, but poverty and greed, violence, and even murder are dark sides.

Adrian Scarborough is Detective Inspector Max Arnold, adjusting to residing in a decrepit home boat as his group. He takes on criminal cases in the wealthy and less-affluent regions of Chelsea. Peter Fincham created the series; the Chelsea Detective also features Sonita Henry, who plays DS Priya Shamsie.

Where was The Chelsea Detective Season 1 filmed

Sonita Henry plays DS Priya Shamsie in the TV Series. The Chelsea Detective Season 1 was filmed in near Clapham Common, Clapham, London.

When does The Chelsea Detective Season 1 come out

It is scheduled to premiere on Acorn TV on March 7. Its Chelsea neighborhood is a stunning city for beautiful people, but there’s an underbelly of deceit as well as greed, violence, and murder.

Where to watch The Chelsea Detective Season 1

The Chelsea Detective Season 1 will be available for streaming on now Acorn TV. The bodies have a method for appearing, and things aren’t consistently as they show up. In the age of technology, detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) was an intelligent detective.

How many episodes of The Chelsea Detective Season 1

Although Chelsea is a beautiful city for gorgeous people, there’s the dark side of deprivation and violence, greed, and murder. The bodies are always showing up, and the truth isn’t always how they appear. Stream Season 1 episode of The Chelsea Detective, The 4 episodes mini-series will premium on 7 March.

The Chelsea Detective Season 1 cast: Who is playing who

Cecilia Appiah As PC Lana Appleby, Adrian Scarborough As Detective Inspector Max Arnold, Sonita Henry As DS Priya Shamsie, Anamaria Marinca As Astrid, James Boyland As Nicholas Hewitt, Michael D. Xavier As Patrick Thompson, Cayvan Coates As Luca Romano.

Max’s determination and sharpness mean that he’ll find all the dirt and bring those accountable for the crime to trial, regardless of financial status or wealth. Including Frances Barber As Olivia Arnold, Al Weaver As Simon Turnball, David Wayman As Estate Agent, Libby Mai As Petal Fisk, Jeremias Amoore As Eric Heidegger, Jack Cooper Stimpson As Finn Davidson.

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