Starstruck Season 2 (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes

The film is co-produced with The HBO Max platform and the BBC Three channel, Starstruck is expected to propel this rising star to the top of the charts. She is Jessie who is a fictional millennial who has two jobs, a living with a roommate, and a chaotic love life that is on the verge of an evening of love comes upon a lonely and dim movie star Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel). The one who is most impressed isn’t the one you’d think.

The music and the pitch are inevitably reminiscent of a popular romantic comedy that was released 20 years ago. In the film, Love at first sight in Notting Hill, Julia Roberts as a solar star swooped in love with Hugh Grant, in his frequent appearance as an old man with a beautiful gaze. Characters and roles are reversed in this film. Jessie’s humor and her bouncy physique contrast with that of Tom who is the villain of uninspiring blockbusters.

The creator, Rose Matafeo, knows precisely where she’s heading. This season continues in a playful way, the plot from where it ended at the conclusion of the first season. (tiny spoiler, however, if you haven’t been able to see this yet, the series is being offered on myCanal): Jessie does not return to New Zealand, preferring to remain with Tom in London and be with Tom.

Starstruck Season 2 Plot

The English mini-series is an enticing romantic comedy, that takes the story of Love at First Sight on Notting Hill by reversing it. Single Jessie is unaware that she’s sleeping with film actor Tom Kapoor on New Year’s Eve. An uplifting performance by New Zealand actress Rose Matafeo. If this is the one who portrays the heroine, as opposed to Nikesh Patel, who plays the role of the movie star, she’s co-screenwriter and creator of Starstruck.

It’s here that things become complex for Jessie. StarSTRUCK, which translates to French to be in awe of stars/ celebrities, is a show created by New Zealander Rose Matafeo with her co-screenwriter Alice Snedden. Rose Matafeo is a successful stand-up comedian.

Starstruck is a show which aired by BBC One and traveled with HBO Max together alongside us. The show will soon be seen by viewers on Canal + Seriesamong its nuggets! The second season is now officially scheduled.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Starstruck release on March 24, 2022. At New Year’s Eve she is able to meet Tom an attractive man with whom she concludes her night. The next day, as she’s at the same place (on your knees, after having a wild party with her legs up in the air) she comes across an unorthodox discovery: the handsome man whom she’s recently fallen in love is none the other Tom Kapoor, a famous actor. And, even when Jessie is attempting to escape from him and stay away from him from a scrumptious game of mouse and cat, she begins to realize that she’s beginning to develop feelings for him.

The show subtly mocks romance-oriented genres, particularly British ones, that have shaped the television industry in the last 30 years, the story of Starstruck draws on the stereotypes and tropes we have come to know, but instantly reverse these.

Starstruck Season 2 Episodes

There is nothing that seems realistic in this short film with British accents set in modern London The main character is Jessie (played by Rose Matafeo), a young New Zealand woman, all less confused, has an apartment mate, works employment as a chef at a cinema, but not knowing that she will meet one New Year’s Eve Tom (played by Nikesh Patel). Season 2 has 6 Episodes.

The romance is evident however, it’s above all the comedy delivered with humor by Rose Matafeo herself, actress and well-known stand-up performer, co-creator and writer of the show, that makes a strong impression.

Starstruck Season 2 Cast

Rose Matafeo As Jessie, Emma Sidi As Kate, Nikesh Patel As Tom. Starstruck is thus located in the perfect spot among Love on first sight, located in Notting Hill (with this common start-up pitch about the unfulfilled lovers of a partner and a celebrity) as well as the journal of a girl today. From and featuring Rose Matafeo, Nikesh Patel, Emma Sidi, on Canal +. A famous blockbuster actor who is just as beautiful as in the screen. Their mutual attraction and chemistry result in an explosive pair that was never expected to be able to meet.

Including Russell Tovey As Dave, Parth Thakerar As Vinay, Alice Snedden As Amelia, Janie Booth As Betty, Elva Trill As Michelle, Tom Edden As Caricature Artist, Tolu Ogunmefun As Fan, Jiggy Bhore As Margaret, Al Roberts As Ian, Joe Barnes As Joe, Ambreen Razia As Shivani, Nic Sampson As Steve, Lola-Rose Maxwell As Sarah, Minnie Driver As Cath, Edward Easton As Ben.

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