Sen Yasamaya Bak Aka In Good Hands (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

This is the primary characteristic that characterizes Turkish novels, and in particular, those that are TV soap operas possess A very emotional and intense charge with outstanding actors who have built their careers through successful careers. Because of this, many people are seeking more information regarding the next movie to make it to the top entertainment company. Sen Yasamaya Bak cast: Kaan Urgancioglu, Asli Enver, Mert Ege Ak. The band, known in its original form as Sen Yasamaya Bak ” in its native language, is aiming to engage audiences through an engaging plot.

The “A Safe Space” trailer is now available on Netflix and lets you see how the main characters interact in previously unimaginable ways, first being antagonistic, and then in some humor but then their tone changes to tension. Both are extremely popular. Asli Enver is famous for her role in the show Istanbullu Gelin (The bride of Istanbul) as the title character Sureyya as well as in the show Kis Gunesi (Winter Sun).

When Kaan Urgancioglu has been a cult Emir Kozcuoglu from the cult television series Kara Sevda. Kaan is also well-known on Netflix as a star as a character in The Love 101 series. Asli Enver enjoyed a wonderful moment at the premiere of the Netflix movie Sen Yasamaya Bak, answering the questions of tabloids. Finally, the gorgeous actress has stepped onto the big screen for the Babylon series. Kaan Urgancioglu. The movie Sen Yasamaya Bak, of which he was a part, will release on the 21st of March. Asli Enver has been reported to have married in the last few months, has made public declarations about her relationship.

Sen Yasamaya Bak Plot

The film “A Safe Place” tells the story of a stressful circumstance that a family goes through after receiving negative news regarding their health. The film’s focus ranges from comedy to drama. That’s what the Netflix description says” “A dying single mother meets an attractive bachelor, and is trying to figure out the future with her obstinate six-year-old son,” it reads in the description of the streaming service.

It premiered the film Sen Yasamaya Bak is available on Netflix on 21 March. A trailer of the movie was unveiled and received praise. It promises to tell a sad tale with hilarious characters is expected to make viewers smile and weep.

Sen Yasamaya Bak Cast

Asli Enver (Istanbullu Gelin (TV Series 2017–2019)) As Melisa, Mert Ege Ak As Can, Kaan Urgancioglu As Firat, Vural Sahanoglu, Ezgi Senler, Latif Koru, Gizem Özmen. The night before last in Etiler You Look Alive, Asli Enver who was at the screening of her film, addressed questions from the tabloids.

Asli Enver who played the leading role with Kaan Urgancioglu, in the Netflix original film, made the following comments about the film. Asli Enver talked about her love affair with businessman Onder Oztarhan for only the first time in the wake of rumors about love that have been on the agenda of the magazine for a long time.

Sen Yasamaya Bak Release Date

Sen Yasamaya Bak Release on Netflix 21 March 2022. The film tells the tale of a single mother searching for a new home for her son. finds out she’s only two months old. Melisa who is looking for a mother for her son, meets her perfect match when the character Firat who is performed by Kaan Urgancioglu, shows up. Of course, in while, a beautiful romance is created.

Where to Watch Sen Yasamaya Bak

You can watch this movie on Netflix.

Sen Yasamaya Bak Release Date Trailer

The talented actress participated in the production of just one film in the last year. This film Sen Yasamaya Bak, shared by Asli Enver and Kaan Urgancioglu was shot during summer.

After a long delay, the film finally reaches the public via Netflix. Kaan Urgancioglu, Asli Enver, Mert Ege Ak are the main cast of Sen Yasamaya Bak. The screenplay was produced by Hakan Ketche who gained much acclaim for his film Muslum and is written composed by Hakan Bonomo.

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