Pieces of Her Season 1 | Everything you need to know

The Pieces of Her series will comprise eight episodes. Charlotte Stoudt has written for both Homeland and House of Cards and is now turning the novel into a script for a sequel. Lesli Linka Glatter and Stoudt will serve as executive producers for the series and be the director for the two first episodes.

Her books are a massive success across the globe. Her work is available in 37 languages, and more than 35 million copies were sold. Slaughter has published 18 books to her name, and many of them are part of three series. She wrote Grant County in the Grant County series and wrote two books for the Atlanta series.

Two characters from these novels (Sara Linton and Will Trent) came together in the Georgia Series. The final book, at the moment, was released in the year 2016, titled Hidden (The Keeper of the Woman).

What is Pieces of Her

The series follows the life of Andrea Cooper, a woman who an ordinary family raised. At least, that’s what she believed. When she has lunch with her mother on the occasion of her birthday finds out that her mother has some dark secrets in her. The novel Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter is currently being developed into an upcoming series by Netflix. The dramatization thriller coming out is being made in collaboration with Homeland’s Charlotte Stoudt and Lesli Linka Glatter. This limited-run series is relied upon to be comprised of eight episodes.

Sometimes they take short trips with each other. It’s not often exciting because they reside in is peaceful. However, things change: While walking in the town center, someone aims the gun at Andy. Laura then attacks the man, disarms him, and shoots him dead without hesitation or regret in a flash of lightning speed.

Slaughter is also involved in the show as an executive producer. The main characters of Pieces of Her are played by Bella Heathcote, Toni Collette, Jessica Barden, Joe Dempsie, Jacob Scipio, Calum Worthy, Aaron Jeffery, Omari Hardwick, Gil Birmingham, and David Wenham.

Where was Pieces of Her Season 1 filmed

Pieces of Her Season 1 was filmed by Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

When does Pieces of Her Season 1 come out

This book was published in the Netherlands in 2000, under the name Split. The Original will comprise eight episodes and was composed by Charlotte Stoudt. Pieces of Her Season 1 is coming out in 2022 on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Where to watch Pieces of Her Season 1

It’s among the top-selling thriller authors currently. Following Harlan Coben, Netflix is also working with her. The partnership begins with a series based on her latest book: Pieces of Her. Pieces of Her Season 1 streaming on Netflix. Pieces of Her will be only a short-run series because it’s a stand-alone book Slaughter wrote. The highly acclaimed thriller author has written numerous books, but Pieces of Her is not one of them.

How many episodes of Pieces of Her Season 1

This limited-run series is expected to be comprised of eight episodes. We’ll need to wait a while for images that move. But, Netflix was also releasing several images when it announced the release date.

Pieces of Her Season 1 cast: who is playing who

Toni Collette {Hereditary (2018)} As Laura Oliver, David Wenham {300 (2006)} As Jasper Queller, Jessica Barden As Jane, Omari Hardwick As Gordon Oliver, Bella Heathcote As Andy Oliver, Joe Dempsie As Nick, Jacob Scipio As Michael Vargas, Aaron Jeffery, Damien Strouthos As Music Store Owner, Genevieve Hegney As Paula Kunde, Anita Hegh As Cable Host, Nicholas Burton As Andrew Queller. The entire series from Pieces of Her will be available on Netflix beginning March 4.

Andrea knows everything she can about her mom, Laura. She is aware that she has spent the entirety of her life in the tiny town of the beach called Belle Isle, and she knows that she’s always wanted nothing more than to lead a tranquil life as a member of the city. Cast are including: Ellie Lang As Little Andy, Winston Cooper As Father, Catherine McClements As Grace Juno, Calum Worthy As Young Jasper Queller, Mia Artemis As Young Paula Kunde, Melissa Bonne As Cynthia, Lasarus Ratuere As Felix Spears, Gil Birmingham As Charlie Bass, Terry O’Quinn As Martin Queller, Robert Longstreet As Car Salesman.

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