Parallels TV Series (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes

Disney+ has released the official Paralleles trailer for its forthcoming French sci-fi series that follows the group of friends who find themselves caught up in an enigma of time travel that has three of them transformed into their adult counterparts. The entire series is scheduled to air on March 23rd. The script was co-written by Anastasia Heinzl and directed by Benjamin Rocher and Jean-Batiste Saurel.

The video which you can watch below follows four teens as their lives are drastically altered due to an unfathomable electrical phenomenon. What was meant to be a regular, evening of fun is turned into a baffling disappearance case. The series was created as well as produced through Quoc Dang Tran by way of Daimon Films. The series is co-written by Anastasia Heinzl and directed by Benjamin Rocher and Jean-Batiste Saurel.

“We set out to write a compelling story about teens, at the point where innocence is lost and bonds of friendship cannot be broken,” creator Quoc Dang Tran stated in an interview. “Special effects and stunning elements were of less importance for us than feelings and connection – we were well-received by the Disney teams that accompanied us throughout the process with enthusiasm.

Parallels Plot

“Parallels” is a story about four teenage friends living located on the border between France and Switzerland, their lives are turned upside-down after a mysterious incident rips the group across time and across different universes. Two of them are living in the present, and the remaining two are on an entirely different timeline They race to locate their friends, with the hope of uncovering the truth behind the incident and returning to their home. They will never forget their future.

The series was previously made public on Disney+ in France on this date, however, a US announcement has now been made. Therefore, it is likely that the show will be released in other countries on the same day. The series was created and is produced through Quoc Dang Tran through Daemon Movies.

Parallels Release date

This show release on Disney Plus on 23 March 2022. Disney has revealed its officially released Parallels trailer for its forthcoming French sci-fi thriller, which centers around a group of friends who become involved with a secret time travel plan which has 3 of them changed into adult versions of themselves.

Parallels Episodes

The trailer that you can view below, follows four teens as their lives are transformed by an inexplicably electrical phenomenon. What was meant to be a normal evening of fun turns into an unsettling missing person case. The first season will have 6 episodes.

The script reveals that Fanny Herrero surrounded herself with stand-up celebrities like Shirley Souagnon, Jason Brokerss, Thomas Wiesel and Fanny Ruwet.

Parallels Cast

Jules Houplain, Naidra Ayadi, Guillaume Labbé, Gil Alma, Thomas Chomel. The film has been written by Raphael Rocher and Eric Laroche of Empreinte Numerique. The behind-the-scenes of stand-ups, the agents.

Including Dimitri Storoge, Omar Mebrouk, Maxime Bergeron, Jade Pedri, Agnès Miguras, Victoria Eber. Funny, a brand new comedy that spans six episodes by Fanny Herrero, the creator of Dix pour-cents and follows the lives of four actors who were part of the Parisian Comedy Club, each at different points throughout their career.

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