Moonshot (2022) Movie Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date & More

Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse would be the couple in the HBO Max lighthearted comedy called “Moonshot”. Likewise, the plot will have a sci-fi feel in which the entertainers’ characters will go to Mars. During a meeting with Insider, Moonshot cast: Cole Sprouse, Lukas Gage, Lana Condor. Lana discussed what it resembles to work with the Riverdale entertainer, which has been debut for a 6th season.

The script for the component was under the obligation of Max Taxe and the heading of Chris Winterbauer. The film actually doesn’t have a debut date, however, we can hardly wait to consider Cole and Lana to be a couple on the little screen. It is worth focusing on that Cole has as of now clarified that he cares very little about taking an interest in a recovery of the series.

Cole began at a youthful age, alongside his twin sibling in the Disney Channel sitcom “Zack and Cody: Twins in real life” and is at present in the cast of “Riverdale”, as Jughead Jones. While Lana is a little more youthful on the little screen and has acquired a great deal of acknowledgment as Lara Jean in the movies of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” another rom-com that we love to such an extent.

Moonshot Plot

“Moonshot” is set in a tragic future where the planet Mars is as of now possessed by people. The film, then, at that point, rotates around two understudies – Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor – who should work together to will Mars and observe their families who are as of now there. Nonetheless, satisfying this mission won’t be so natural.

The romantic comedy has a sci-fi feel in which the entertainers’ characters will go to Mars. Sophie (Lana Condor) and Calvin (Cole Sprouse), are two entirely unexpected youngsters. The two search for their families on Mars, as there are people living in the world. Cole Sprouse, Lukas Gage, Lana Condor are the main cast of Moonshot (2022). During interspace travel, they experience passionate feelings for and go on an undertaking.

In the plot, two totally different college understudies end up joined together and load up a space transport, headed for the red planet. Lana Condor will play Sophie, an undergrad who had an arrangement for her life. Whenever her beau moves to Mars, she chooses to seek after him, and everything changes.

Moonshot Release Date

Moonshot movie is set for release in cinemas and Streaming HBO Max on March 24, 2022. The star celebrated and imparted the news to her supporters: ” Very energized for the following film! Space, here we come!” composed Lana Condor.

Moonshot Budget & Box office

Moonshot: Directed by Christopher Winterbauer. Cole Sprouse’s Moonshot only cost the studio around $40 million. Similarly, as with the first story, the reboot will likewise be motivated by Sara Shepard’s books, however with new characters and plots.

A model is that the story won’t happen in Rosewood, however in Millwood. Twenty years prior, a progression of appalling occasions occurred that nearly obliterated the common city.

Moonshot Cast

Cole Sprouse, Lukas Gage, Lana Condor As Sophie, Zach Braff, Mason Gooding, Emily Rudd, Michelle Buteau As Captain Tartar, Christine Adams As Jan, Jason MacDonald As Jim, Eric Tiede As Alan, Sunita Deshpande As Celeste, Kevin Brown As Security Guard, Charity Cervantes As Jules, Adetinpo Thomas As Engineer, Taylor McManus As Space Passenger, Dylan Nunez As Edgar, Davey Johnson As Earl, Jay Gutierrez As Flight Crew pilot.

In “Moonshot” we get to realize a future where Mars is a colonized region, with the best that mankind brings to the table. Including Phoebe French As Passenger, Alexander Grace As Engineer, Chelsea Alana Rivera As Drunk Girl, Andrew Hunter As Employee, Drez Ryan As Brandon, Grayson Brooks As Science Student, Sabrina Gallet As Student, Vee Bhakta As Customs Agent, Roy Y. Chan As Flight Attendant, Ayoub Saadi As Science Student, Zack Olds As Passenger, Noel Sampson As Science Student

Yet, two undergrads (Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor) work together and slip into the spaceship destined for Mars to be brought together with their loved ones most. The film marks Berlanti/Schechter Films’ second joint effort with HBO Max.

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