Love Like the Falling Petals (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

While Netflix is investing heavily in South Korean cinema, the streaming service is still investing in films across Asia and, in particular, Japan. In the spring of 2022, to kick off the new season the romantic comedy Love Like Falling Petals is scheduled to premiere on Netflix Here’s all we know about it so far.

“Love” Like Falling Petals, is a coming Netflix Original Japanese romantic drama directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro. The script was written by Yoshida Tomoko and Uyama Keisuke, and produced by Toho Studios.

Note: The title of the film was My Darling Like a Cherry Blossom and was replaced with Love Like Falling Petals. The production is currently taking place in Budapest that’s why it’s not expected to launch alongside Paramount + until the beginning of the year.

Love Like the Falling Petals Plot

Haruto Asakura, a once photographer who was aspiring and a lover of stylist Misaki Ariake and asks her to take her. The experience of watching Misaki strive to fulfill her goals prompts Haruto to take up photography again, but their relationship is set to be over quickly when Misaki has been diagnosed with an uncommon illness that causes her to age 10 times faster than the average.

It won’t be released until March 24, but it is already among the most sought-after films to be released on Netflix in 2022. Love Like the Falling Flowers is a 2h08 Japanese movie that is sure to be a delight for fans of romantic dramas like The Fault in Our Stars or The Foam of Days (which are, however, versions of the novel ).

The film is directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro ( Makiguri no ana, 2008; Taiikukan Baby, 2008 Dokyusei, 2008 and Okami Shojo in 2005) The film Netflix will launch in the first week of spring will combine modern romantic dramas, of the kind that leave you crying in the final moments (or in the middle) or during the course of it), of which you can be watched on rainy days or those days you’d like to hear the soundtrack of Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain again.

Love Like the Falling Petals Release Date

Love Like the Falling Petals release on Netflix 24 March 2022. Love like the fallen petals is an account of Haruto who, as an amateur photographer in his early years and falls into love with the girl who he visits to get a haircut on his hair. As Misaki has a job as a hairdresser as she takes Haruto’s invite, she is unaware of the romance story she’s about to experience.

Love Like the Falling Petals Trailer

As the couple creates their perfect love but it’s not time to realize that Misaki is suffering from a rare condition that causes her cells has been accelerated.

Love Like the Falling Petals Cast

Nagayama Kento As Ariake Takashi, Nakajima Kento As Asakura Haruto, Matsumoto Honoka As Ariake Misaki. The shooting of Love like the fall of the flowers was shot last fall and ran for just three weeks, running from October 1 to 2021. The film was shot in Tokyo, Japan.

Including Sakurai Yuki As Yoshino Ayano, Yanagi Shuntaro As Takanashi Kenzo, Wakatsuki Yumi As Ichikawa Makoto, Kaname Jun As Kamiya, Mashima Hidekazu As Tsuji, Oikawa Mitsuhiro As Sawai Kyosuke. Netflix has made no a haste in bringing its viewers the Japanese movie to customers on its streaming platform as those who love romantic films can watch the film from the 25th of March.

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