Book of Love (2022) Where to Watch & Stream

Driven by concern, the English gentleman Philip (Sam Claflin) travels to the estate of his cousin Ambrose, who once stood by the former orphan like a father. For some time now, Philip has been receiving letters from Ambrose raving about his new wife, Rachel (Rachel Weisz).

However, the most recently received letters became increasingly strange and seemed to warn against the dark-haired woman. Ambrose dies before Philip can question him personally and the vengeful survivor begins to suspect that his previously unknown wife Rachel is behind it.

The offended Henry and the now equally upset Maria have to work very hard on a promotional trip through Mexico so that tempers don’t get too hot. “Book of Love” is a Sky Original film, which of course will also celebrate its premiere on Sky and Sky Ticket. Starring Sam Claflin (“A Whole Half a Year”) and Verónica Echegui (“Fortitude”).

What is Book of Love

The story of “Book of Love” revolves around the unsuccessful English writer Henry (Sam Caflin), who is desperately trying to sell his current novel to a man or woman. Suddenly, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel when his book suddenly storms the sales charts in Mexico. Later, however, he discovers the reason for the success: translator Maria (Verónica Echegui) has added a few really spicy passages to the boring work.

Where was Book of Love filmed

Filming took place in Mexico.

When does Book of Love come out

Book of Love was released on Prime Video 4 February 2022. There is even more romance on Sky Cinema In Love from February 14th to 18th: Around 40 love films from brand new hits like “After Truth” to classics like “Chocolat”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Because you exist”, “Manhattan Love Story”, “Plan B for Love” and “A boss to fall in love with” are on the program around the clock and can also be accessed at any time with Sky Q and Sky Ticket.

Where to watch Book of Love

This movie is currently available on Prime Video. Direct Link

Is Book of Love On HBO MAX?

No Sorry! This movie is not available on HBO Max.

Is Book of Love on Disney+?

No, The Book of Love is not the production of Disney+.

Is Book of Love on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can watch this movie on Prime Video and Amazon Prime.

Is Book of Love on Hulu?

No, This is a Prime Video Production.

How to Watch Book of Love Free Full Movies in Australia?

No sorry, Book of Love is an officially Prime Video movie. You can watch this movie on Direct Link.

Can I watch the other Book of Love movie on streaming?

This movie is currently available on Prime Video.

How to watch Book of Love Free Streaming in New Zealand?

No, This movie is not available in the theatre, The only way to watch this movie is on Prime Video.

Book of Love cast: who is playing who?

Starring: Sam Claflin As Henry Copper, Fernando Becerril As Max Rodríguez, Ruy Gaytan As Diego, Horacio Garcia Rojas As Antonio, Horacio Villalobos As Pedro, Verónica Echegui As Maria Rodríguez, Lucy Punch As Jen Spencer, Melissa Pino As Helena & Edwarda Gurrola As Verónica.

The unsuccessful English author Henry (Sam Claflin) has great problems bringing his new novel to the man or woman. But in Mexico, his book suddenly became a bestseller. So his publisher sends him there on a promotional tour. On the spot, Henry discovers the secret behind his book’s popularity in North America: translator Maria (Verónica Echegui). She didn’t just translate his boring work, she added a few spicy passages and rewrote it into a passionate erotic novel.

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