Alice (2022) Movie Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date & More

Krystin Ver Linden will make her first time at the helm from her own screenplay. The spine-chiller will be created by Peter Lawson (John Wick and Spotlight), shooting will start in August in Georgia. Alice Cast: Keke Palmer, Common, Jonny Lee Miller. The way that the works were for the most part made during the pandemic additionally affected the selection of topics.

“Many movies that portray this period in our set of experiences are established in the exploitation of the dark female lead,” said Keke Palmer. “This story is the inverse and that attracted me to Kristin’s point of view. It handles the brutal real factors of subjection and racial oppression while offering motivation and guarantee to the tale of Alice’s excursion. I don’t need anybody to leave the film debilitated, I need them to feel enabled.”

While attempting to escape through the forest, Alice tracks down a new area, until she runs over an odd street that she has never seen and winds up finding that she was really to the future, all the more explicitly, 1972, during the time of extraordinary fights for racial uniformity.

Alice Plot

The film prevails with regards to raising the subject of this system, which tragically is still genuine today and in nations like the United States, yet in addition in Brazil, were under a year prior, the presence of an as yet residing woman a system of practically equivalent to subjugation in the year 2021.

Palmer stars as Alice, a slave who fantasies about being free on a Georgia ranch that has a place with the horrible and upsetting Paul (Jonny Lee Miller). Keke Palmer, Common, Jonny Lee Miller are the main cast of Alice 2022. After a savage conflict with him, Alice escapes into the backwoods and winds up tracking down a new expressway.

Alice Release Date

“Alice (2022)” is being released by Vertical Entertainment and will open in theaters exclusively on March 18, 2022.

Alice Budget & Box office

Alice (2022) was made on a budget of $16 Million – $23 Million (EST).

Alice Cast

Keke Palmer {Hustlers (2019)} As Alice, Common As Frank, Jonny Lee Miller As Paul Bennet, Gaius Charles As Joseph, Madelon Curtis As Mrs. Bennett, Kenneth Farmer As Moses, Natasha Yvette Williams As Ruth, Jaxon Goldenberg As Daniel, Craig Stark As Aaron, Alicia Witt As Rachel, David Andrew Nash As Danny, Jim McKeny As Levi, Katie Gill As Receptionist, Sharonne Lanier As Nurse Pam

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