A Second Chance at Love (2022) Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

In the initial seasons of the NBC show “Emergency Room,” Eriq La Salle played Dr. Peter Benton and Gloria Reuben as Jeanine Boulet as lovers. On the Hallmark Channel, there’s an opportunity to reunite the two. According to Deadline the channel is planning to make an original movie “A Second Chance At Love,” that will feature the couple as divorced couples. Alvina August as well as Jarod Joseph also starred.

On the RomCom, Alicia (August) and Arnold (Joseph)’s union appears superficially close to perfect. Alvina August, Gloria Reuben, Jarod Joseph are the main cast of A Second Chance at Love (2022). However, their appearances may be misleading as Arnold is keen to grow the family while Alicia is unsure about the idea. Instead of discussing the issue, she seeks shelter in the related affairs of her divorced parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda (Reuben).

A Second Chance At Love” premieres on the 26th of March 2022. For everyone who loves “Emergency Room”: Amazon currently has all 15 seasons of the Prime deal.

A Second Chance at Love Plot

The synopsis of the film is: “On the surface, Alicia (played by Nancy Drew’s Alvina August) and Arnold (Jared Joseph) and Arnold’s union seems perfect, however, something’s not quite right. Arnold is eager to grow her family, however, Alicia thinks she’s not ready for the idea. Instead of confronting the issue face-to-face, Alicia, the self-proclaimed “love doctor” explores the romantic problems of her divorced parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda (Reuben) through creating a blind dating app for both of them .”

The actors will portray divorcing parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda (Reuben) of their daughter Alicia (August) as well as the spouses of the husband of Alicia, Arnold (Joseph). According to a Hallmark logline that the couple’s relationship is “perfect However, there is something wrong”. While Arnold is preparing to increase their family, Alicia has been hesitant.

A Second Chance at Love Release Date

A Second Chance at Love release on Hallmark on March 26, 2022. “Instead of tackling the issue face-to-face, Alicia, the self-proclaimed “love doctor,” has absorbed herself in the relationships of her parents who divorced Jack (La Salle) and Brenda (Reuben) by putting the two on a dating site in the dark “for the network.

A Second Chance at Love Cast

Alvina August As Alicia, Gloria Reuben As Brenda Petty, Jarod Joseph As Arnold. Reuben made an announcement “It’s great to be part of with the Hallmark family and to reunite with Eriq after many years. Especially in a totally different style of storytelling!” La Salle and Reuben played love lovers on “ER”. Reuben was Jeanie Boulet, who was Dr. Peter Benton of La Salle was hired to assist with the care of her mom. The two had an affair (Boulet was married at the time).

Eriq La Salle As Jack
Latonya Williams As Kam
ykeem Provo As Rahsaan
BJ Harrison As Mema
Matthew James Dowden As Rob Staples
Jill Morrison As Jill
Kate Craven As Jada
Ray Strasser King As Mr. Cornelius
Shaquan Lewis As Marcus

“A Second Chance at Love” is produced by NGN Productions. Kimberley Wakefield Jacob Nasser, Joseph Nasser, Danial Nasser, Danny Webber and Jack Nasser are the executive producers. Tara Cowell-Plain produces for the movie. Alfons Adetuyi will direct from the screenplay of Chad Quinn. The film’s production has just begun , and the original film will be released on the 26th of March at 8:30 p.m. ET via the Hallmark Channel.

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